Sandy O’Neal is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach.  She holds certifications as a Clinical Hypnotherapist through The International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapist Association (IMDHA), the prestiges American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE), and The National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH).  She is an incredibly spirited and insightful practitioner who has dedicated her life’s work to her passion – helping others transform their lives in ways that benefit them in mind, body and spirit.
For decades, Sandy has balanced the responsibilities of parenthood, employment, entrepreneurship and self-care. Having experienced first-hand, the stresses that accompany the roles from caregiver to businesswoman, Sandy found her own healing journey came with ease and grace after adopting certain routines and healing modalities into her daily life.
It was this very testament to the work she practices that prompted her to create her private practice, A Transformed Life, assisting other like-minded women in their respective journeys. Her experience and intuitive gifts are some of the greatest assets she brings into each session for her clients, after using the same restorative techniques to heal her own encounters with anxiety and self-doubt.
Sandy incorporates a variety of modalities into her sessions specific to the needs and goals of each client, guiding them to become the best version of themselves.  Her clients’ most common takeaways mirror sentiments of feeling freedom and joy return to their lives while triumphing over stress, anxiety, fears/phobias, fertility challenges, weight issues, performance anxiety, habits such as smoking, and pain management.
She specializes in working with women of all ages who struggle with these concerns. Sandy also works with high school and college students who are challenged with performance and test/exam anxiety, as well as, self-esteem/confidence issues. Teaching tools to these clients that reduce and eliminate the anxiety of exam taking. When the brain is experiencing anxiety, it struggles to recall the information that her clients spent hours/days studying for. During these training sessions, self-confidence and self-esteem are addressed, as well.