Flower Essences

Sooooo....flower essences have taken over here at A Transformed Life. I have traveled up into the desert mountains and collected flower essences that have been prepared directly from the fresh blossoms and cactus found in the very desert I live in (though far from traffic in remote areas where the plants are undisturbed).

I have found the flower essence making process to be a peaceful process and it gives me the opportunity to connect with the plants and the landscape.  Truly divine!  Being out in nature always re-charges my batteries and places a calmness on my heart that I bring back to my daily living. And these flower essences, when combined with intention, continues their process in your life by bringing you into balance and harmony.

If flower essences are new to you.....flower essences are herbal infusions made directly from the fresh blossoms of flowers and plants. Each flower and plant has a specific healing frequency that is designed by nature to address issues of inner health and harmony. They are highly effective, non-toxic herbal preparations that address the core issues of wellness. Truly transformational!

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