Mind-Body Connection: from Stress to Weight Loss to Pain management

My own personal self-discovery of the mind-body connection started for me in the 1990’s when I discovered yoga and meditation.  Since then, there has been an explosion of understanding of the mind-body connection with contributions by Dr. Candace Pert and Dr. Andrew Weil.

Psychoneuroimmunology is the emerging field that recognizes the direct relationship between the mind and the body. “Medicine is beginning to see that the origin of disease cannot be spoken of without including lifestyle, diet, social milieu, the environment, and, perhaps most interestingly, consciousness and the emotions,” writes Marc Ian Barasch in The Healing Path.

It is my clients courage, strength, and ability to look within themselves for the answers to their issues that has made me so grateful to be doing the work I do. My clients have the belief and expectation that their session(s) of hypnotherapy will change and shift their emotions and beliefs that no longer serve them whether they are looking to release stress, release weight, decrease pain, or anything in between.

As a practitioner, I am here to help my clients learn to listen to their bodies and help them navigate the areas of their lives they are seeking to change to better their lives.

I would be honored to help and inspire you to explore, discover, and get clear about your mind-body connection and bring more peace and happiness within your world.