Powerful Words by NFL Football Player....worth repeating

"YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. You deserve to live a life you are excited about. Don't let others make you forget that."

"I've been playing sports my whole life from Soccer to Basketball, from Baseball to Football. I didn't start playing Football until I was in 6th grade and from there on, it grew on me more and more. Sports has taught me so much and it's what I know well, but football has helped shape me into the man I am today; through the great times and the bad times. But, I am so much more than just an athlete. I'm a Man of God, I'm a Man with a sense of humor, I'm a Man who wants to give back, I'm a Man who likes photography, I'm a Man who loves kids, I'm a Man who loves to cook, and I'm a Man who is Loving. For some time now, I have been playing the game of football for the wrong reasons and during this time I sacrificed my happiness and my well-being. I want to encourage those reading this to do what feels good on the inside and not what looks good on the outside. Also, make sure you are doing it for you and your happiness and not for others and their happiness. With that being said, after talking with my wife to be and my family, I have officially ended my playing career! Although this is the end of my football playing career, it is not the end of my football career. I want to thank all my coaches, family, friends, supporters, and fans for all the support and help you have gave! I look forward to what the future brings to me and my family! You never will be happy until you love yours!"