Auriculotherapy - Ear Reflexology

Auriculotherapy, also known as Ear Reflexology, is a modality that uses the external surface of the ear to alleviate pathological conditions in other parts of the body by stimulating the external surface of the ear. The discovery of this therapy is partially based on the ancient Chinese practice of body acupuncture and from the discoveries by a French physician named Dr. Paul Nogier. Dr. Nogier demonstrated that specific areas of the external ear were associated with pathology in specific parts of the body.

Auriculotherapy can help with:

Smoking Cessation

Weight Loss

Stress & Anxiety

Pain Management

General Well-Being

Tiny beads or crystals, and/or essential oils are placed on the ear during a Auriculotherapy session to achieve the clients desired result.  This is a great modality to bring change into your life and has been used for 1,000 of years! <3